Moving Forward

Evaluate the effectiveness of ASL ADOS adaptation on a larger scale

Distinguish signs of language deprivation from those of Autism

Examine deaf children with different experiences


Community Engagement in Deaf Autism Research Workshops; Identified ADOS-2 is not appropriate for assessing individuals who are D/HH or use ASL 

Institute for the Brain and Cognitive Sciences Seed Grant to adapt the ADOS-2 for Deaf people and ASL users; UConn based Team formed 

UConn Team Identified presses that should be eliminated or modified

Considered diverse settings of evaluation

 Consult with Gallaudet’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing Child Resilience Center

Future Steps

- Finalize adaptation of one ADOS-2 module and create a video quote manual

- Pilot the adapted ADOS module with deaf children in different contexts

- Submit grant proposal to the National Institutes of Health (NIH)